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Brief Bio :

My name is Stuart Coulson. I have worked in IT for pretty much all of my career and as a result, I would like to take some time to start off a blog covering some topics that are quite close to my heart:

  • Technology
  • Security
  • The Internet
  • Training

I hope you find it informative. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see and I will try and accommodate.


By day I am sales for a security company – information security and data recovery company in Manchester, UK. We have a unique skill set, on the team, which enables us to cover most client’s situations.

My main area of interest personally is Social Engineering. My other passion is the dig … finding the hacker … finding that piece of info.

I’m not a coder which means I leave the techie side of Pen Tests to those with faster fingers than me.


I’m a nice guy … I’m a bit off the wall … but I have a massive passion for infosec and keep a very close eye on the community … that includes you too !





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