Undersea data – the evidence of the snoop ?

It’s been a while since I put out a blog, but this caught my eye.

This [LINK] interactive graphic shows the undersea cable maps of the world. It’s a really good graphic and is very useful in giving us some intelligence. We’ve seen other graphics of the undersea cable maps [LINK] but this new interactive one can show the cable routes per year.

So how come this important ?

Well, if we look at the Snowden leak info of the NSA PowerPoint screenshots, we can see that most of the dates quoted on these documents are from 2004 onwards. [LINK]

If we also add this intelligence with the time to lay a cable – which is around 100-150km per day [LINK] we can start making projections backwards as to which cables are being used for which projects and where the boosts in investment may have come from. If you fancy having a go and putting projects to cables, feel free to get in touch and I’ll add an update to this blog.

More info about undersea cables [LINK]




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