The joys of the 3D future !

When I first read about 3D printers being used to print gun parts, I actually wasn’t that surprised. I mean … if you are going to test out the bounds and limitations, a gun is a good start. You need precision plus strength so yep – good idea to start with gun technologies.

Since then, I’ve watched the industries cropping up:

Jewellery :

Body Parts :

Food :

3D printing has come a long way from those first simple structures that looked like they’d been printed in 8-bit !

But where will they lead us to ?


One thing I can see is regulation over the designs so that restricted parts cannot be produced unless you have downloaded the instructions from an authorised agent. At least this will reduce the crazies from firing plastic bullets at each other and the guns being blamed !

Smaller scale printers

Instead of requiring a whole desk in the corner, I can see them becoming much smaller … the trick will to make them portable – the briefcase sized printer or smaller. This will enable us to make devices on the go and introduce them in to the mainstream environment.

For those involved in the security industry, how amazing will it be to copy the key of your target and 3D print a one-off usable key replacement.

Retail versions

If you lose your keys, authenticate who you are and get another key printed…

Like a design but want it bigger / smaller / different colour – it will give the consumer more choices over design.

Where do you see 3D printers going ?


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