#FF 21 June 2013

It’s that time of the month where I give you my #FFs as a deck of cards :

Aces = These are people who have been outstanding and need .
#FF Aces :

@nuWARP @BillBrenner70 @Prohest @DanchoDanchev – thanks for your support.

Heart = Big Love
#FF Hearts :

@nuWARP @BigLesp @WTF @TripwireInc @UKFast @CrypieHef @ColetteWeston @Lothie @M4rkWalker 

Diamonds = Top People and inspirations. Thanks.
#FF Diamonds :

@BillBrenner70 @Wh1t3Rabbit @mikko @spacerog @kpoulsen @neirajones @frankmorris @BrianHonan

Clubs = Hack Work interesting crew to watch and learn from (and by hack I don’t necessarily mean criminal)
#FF Clubs :

@Prohest @drb0n3z @YourAnonNews @2600 @2poundbrain @NakedScientists @szlwzl @rjacksix

Spade = Great Research. Some great researchers – keep the content coming !
#FF Spades :

@DanchoDanchev @lothie @hackerfantastic @digininja @serachewhi @neirajones @PMason00 @CyberSolicitor

Is there a Joker?
#FF Joker :

This goes to @th3j35t3r for his new webshop – some great gear there. He does some great work and fends off some pretty intense doxers who really try hard and fail equally as hard !

Thanks for the tweets to @Secarma on all your support – keep up the good work.

Thanks everyone – if you have any suggestions then drop me a note !


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