Just Give Up … and see what happens !

If you could have untold happiness, what would you give up ?

We’re told all the time to give up smoking, reduce our alcohol intake … You may have experienced this already. But it’s hardly untold happiness!

Over two years ago, I gave up tea and coffee. I know it doesn’t sound much, but try it… Just for one week. Yeah, tough isn’t it!

First comes the problem of what to drink. Water, fruit juice, until you see the amount of sugar in fruit juices ! Then comes restaurants – when you automatically order drinks and end up with a coffee without realising how it got there. Next comes overcoming addiction. Yep, I believe tea and coffee is addictive. How many years have you been drinking coffee or tea? 52 repetitions of a task becomes habit so it’s easy to become addicted. Then like some final nail in a coffin – movies. Dunking into your cup, then realise you have a biscuit floating in a glass of water.

I gave up these beverages as I realised I was drinking too many cups… I say too many cups, but count them… How many have you drunk today? I was well over 10 cups … That feels like way too much caffeine to me.

So I gave up. That was it. I’ll stop. No defined period. Just stop.

At first is was really tough… But once I’d got used to it, started to not be distracted by the pain of giving I saw the benefits almost immediately. Ever have the foggy feeling when you waken up tired ? Have a coffee and it’s a bad one ? Burnt beans, yuck.

Over two years I’ve learned to live without artificial stimulants to keep me going when I’m shattered. A good cold glass of water is a miracle cure. Over 2 years of water, juice, hot chocolates and warm Vimtos.

Clear mind, healthier, fitter, awaken quicker, its a long list of benefits and these are just the ones I can remember at the moment. I have no idea how well my internal organs are now coping and if I’ve done much health positive, but yeah, I gave up and have received so much more as a result. So give up … Just for one day, then stretch it out to a couple of days … Push yourself and after a couple of weeks, try re-evaluating your life and any benefits you can correlate to giving up.

Lent 2013. I’ve never done Lent. I’m not religious so I’ve never had a reason. So this year it was odd for me to partake. But what to give up? Chocolate… That’s the usual one, but I’m not going to give that up easily, so it would have to be something else. So I gave up bread… Not quite all bread as I don’t think I can think of that many alternatives, so sliced bread went.

What’s better than sliced bread ? Having no sliced bread actually! The alternatives are slim pickings so to speak. I’m not sure I could do it for longer than Lent, but it certainly was a health kick. Something I found out … The recipe for bread was changed before the 60s and the yeast is now not fully activated so that when you eat bread, it continues to cook inside you …. That sounds as weird as it actually is!

So there you have it … 2 simple things you could stop doing right now and gain health benefits almost immediately. I couldn’t vouch for mental benefits 😉 but definitely happier for making the changes in my life, saved a fortune too no bread, no teabags, no coffee, no Starbucks.

So give up … Just one thing.

No time limits,

Just go as long as you can.

So what would you be prepared to remove from your life to obtain gains, health, wealth, happiness ?


UPDATE 17th June 2013 : Only just realised, by giving up tea and coffee, I’ve also drastically reduced my milk and sugar intake – you see, give up and there’s a cascade of benefits !!




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