#FF Deck of Cards

This is the first of my monthly series of #FFs.


#FFs are Friday Follows from Twitter. But sometimes they just get lost in the noise so I wanted to try something different.

I came across Russian Mafia Cards and thought what a great way to do a #FF page instead.


I’ve not had any time to do the graphics, but I’ll work on it !! So here goes :

Aces : these are the top people who need some special mention.


The Deck :

  • Heart = Big Love. Some special heart-felt thanks to these people. Awesome as you are :
  • Diamonds = Top People – inspirations to me personally.
  • Clubs = Hack Work, some good, some on the black hat side, but sometimes good work needs acknowledging
  • Spade = People that have created great research and really dug in deep.
  • Is there a Joker? = well some times we come out with one-off tweets which just make you laugh, always the Jokers !

Thanks everyone that gets a mention – good luck to making the list !


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