Paris Hilton for Pope – no really !

Yes, I do believe Paris Hilton should apply for the position of Pope. Hear me out !


Let’s see the facts :

  1. She has done some bad things and then said sorry
  2. She has style – something I can’t say about any of our previous Popes
  3. She is female – about time the church caught up with 21st century life
  4. She mixes well in different social circles – she’s met royalty too !
  5. She is ambitious
  6. She has business acumen
  7. She has money – so does the church but then they wouldn’t pay her as much so they’d save money !
  8. She understand the power of brand – and how to retain it even when you are showing your arse (literally!)
  9. She knows how to get people on her side – that could be useful with waning attendances at church
  10. She is relatively good-looking (compared to our current Pope – and all previous ones for that matter)
  11. She is an entrepreneur
  12. She can drive herself
  13. And her cars are better
  14. She can stay in Hilton hotels for free
  15. She speaks English so at least some of us will understand the Pope (who learns Latin these days?!)
  16. She has a proven track record of drinking wine
  17. With all her PR mistakes, she’s still successful – she has some miracles going for her !
  18. Fashionable – no big gold pointy hat required
  19. The world media love to follow her so free publicity
  20. She has famous friends – it worked for the Church of Scientology !!


Vote Paris4Pope !

If you’re going to Tweet it – #Paris4Pope


OK – all fun aside, here’s the serious bit !

All because someone has the right qualifications, doesn’t mean they’re right for the job. Your CV might be perfect but (as Simon Cowell so eloquently put it) it’s also the X-Factor. We all know that Paris would probably last less than 30 seconds, and for those 30 seconds all would appear to be working well. But then it falls apart and generally very rapidly. Think about your own career and when  you have left various companies. Paris is no Messiah for the Catholic church, that’s for sure. You are not the new all singing dancing new recruit that will save a business either – especially if you don’t fit.

  • Take your time in interviews to make sure you are right for the company
  • Take your time to ensure they are right for you
  • Meet your team
  • Meet your prospective new boss
  • Take your time to read up reviews from customers
  • Make sure your life goals align with this business

Do you fit and does it fit with you. Each thing that doesn’t align is another reason you shouldn’t be working there. The more reasons there are, the more damage it will do to you. You may not see it initially, but longer term, you will really screw yourself up. Choose wisely !!


I suppose I was lucky when I landed in my current position. I had spent nearly 2 years shadowing them and watching them grow. Luckily, my crunch point happened to coincide with a fantastic offer which was the enabler for me to start my new career. It hasn’t always been easy, but hey, I have goals too ! I can tick off though the significant pluses and positives in my current role which allows me to grow. This is important with a career. Could you see Paris Hilton growing in her role as Pope ?! Are you ready to step up and make a difference, not only in your life but to get a career that actually helps you back ?


So there we have it, Paris Hilton would make a great Pope (for 30 seconds) and you’re not the Messiah. Not the most earth shattering of blogs, I have to admit, but it was fun and I hope inspiring too.


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