Friends and Happiness

This is one of those blogs I have been looking forward to for quite some time.

What do you consider to be a friend ? What qualities do your closest friends share ?

Although I am quite an outgoing and fun person, and if you don’t know me, just take that as read, to get truly close to me is quite difficult. I like to blame my star sign, but this is a great excuse and yes, I’ll hold by it !

This now leaves me with an interesting problem though, I don’t have many close friends. Ok, I have friends, acquaintances, colleagues, don’t get me wrong … But my closest friends ? I can probably count those on one hand.

Maybe I set the bar high in my mind ? I don’t expect much from my friends either, in fact, if I named my friends on here, most would be shocked they were included, many complaining that I haven’t spoken to them for years !!

But what makes a person your closest friend ? Friends, acquaintances where are those lines drawn ? When does a passing acquaintance become a friend become a close friend ?

For me it’s trust. Do I trust you …. 100% ? If my life or the lives of my closest depended on it, would you drop everything ? Could I trust you to do that ? If I needed you, would you be there ?

That is my line. Cross it and you are in or out. It’s as simple as that.

Maybe this is where I derive my happy outlook. If you can keep life simple, if you know your friends, if you know who you can trust, then you know where you are. Knowing the “now” of life is critical.

My dad once taught me a valuable lesson .. “before you break the rules, know the rules.” And so here I am, a friend base that I know and can trust, I know my moment, I am in control and so I can remain happy. I know the life rules, the ones that help us to survive and I therefore know how to play the game of life .. And Dad, if you’re reading this, I don’t break as many rules any more!

I had a great conversation with a close friend recently and she was quite shocked at some news I gave her about by “now.” I was going through quite an interesting time, things can change rapidly around us but I shrugged and explained that there was a new now and I had moved on. As my boss would say, my resilience gene had been well and truly tested! She is a close friend, she understood where I was and what it meant to me to have such a life change and she wished me well. With her going through something similar recently, I hope she found her “now” also. If you’re reading this … We still need wine !! Tannat-Merlot, Cotes de Gascogne (Alain Brumont) – Exotic black fruit with great tannin structure, delicious with steak.

And then there was my greatest friend of all time. My nan. I wish everyone could have known her. I laugh so much still when I think of her. She’s gone now, no doubt dying with a smile on her face. How about this for a pearl of wisdom … “no point in dieting, it only makes thin corpses!” genius ? Probably !!

So at the end of this blog where I salute my closest friends and I thank you all for being there during my existence thus far, I owe you all such a debt of gratitude. From those that picked me up when I was down and got me into rock music, those who made me laugh at the wrong time, those who have supported me when I didn’t have a clue but didn’t say a thing just helped me through and finally to those who just arrived with a smile and smiled all the way through, the never-ending smile. Thank you.

“You’re a long time dead …. Enjoy the living!”


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