Flicking the switches

Ever hear the expression “he turns on the charm” or “her eyes lit up” ?

I recently made a comment to a friend, I just need some time off to hit the reset switch.


This blog is to reflect on the switches we all turn on (and off) as well as maybe to reflect on some of those switches you (and sometimes I) are scared to flick !


Switching jobs. One year ago I moved jobs. I had been in my role(s) for seven and a half years and sure enough, it is fair to say, I was stuck in my ways, a rut I struggled against. Towards the end, there were too many decisions being made around me, for me, about me and without me. As a result a lot of switches within me were clicked to off. The more ingrained in a business you become, you conform to the business way and you lose your own independence – the switches turn off.


Think about this – how many people in your office / company have a fired up imagination ? Someone, anyone who makes a difference on a daily / weekly / monthly basis ?


Now … name the automatons … go on … how many ?


That was my problem … I was rapidly becoming an automaton – I was at the peak of my career, no progression, only expansion.


So … I flicked the switches, I fired up the engines and I moved on. Which switches are you missing out on ?


The New Job. I have, since moving on, moved back to a company that I used to work for … and boy … have I had to find the instruction manual and work out what all those switches did. I sure had to find the reset switch and quick !! Forget living in the rut, forget comfort zones, forget the slippers you turn up to work in!


Being the new boy was fun … I had to re-learn how to operate in a business, who you can get away with saying what to ! The key thing for me though was to find somewhere where there is no option but to hit as many switches as I can. Creativity, inspiration, dynamism – get them all firing and have it as part of my day job. Sure enough, after a bit of time, I found that role. In the last months, I have been involved from forensic investigator tracking a hacker, coaching new starters, team manager, trainer, mover (moved a snooker table up 28 floors – in the stairwell!), purchaser and my best role yet .. project manager ! Fair to say, I think I have found heaven in a job. I know you’re thinking how much smoke do you have to blow and where .. but no. I vehemently fight that. I need these challenges for me to stay at my peak. As do you though.

Are you in a rut? Finding no reason in the morning to get out of bed to go to work? Counting the days down to the next holiday? Had a sick day when really you could have could have gone in? Well, why put yourself through it? Get it sorted ! You’re a long time dead, enjoy the living !!!


Me. A reflection of my efforts when I moved house made me realise how far I have come in life. I have a beautiful girlfriend who keeps me in check, keeps me on the wide and wobbly (definitely not the straight and narrow!!). I have 3 daughters to whom I am an inspiration and who run rings around me regularly. I have just moved into a fantastic house that is nearly a third of a million pounds … life just is crazy. I’m 37. The switches are all on open – the engines are roaring. I can’t wait for my blog on my 40th !!


You. So what switches are you missing out on? I suggest getting a life coach if I were you. I heard a lovely statement. Write down the top 10 things you live for, all the emotions that drive you .. go on …












How many of these do you actually get in your job – each one you don’t have in your job is a reason to leave.

Final thought. So here I am watching F1, writing my blog on a Mac (that’ll make a few of you laugh!!) and thinking about the week ahead. I am finally out of my non-compete clauses and wondering how much competing I actually would ever need to do. I have so much energy, I have a full week ahead (getting designs for a clean room sorted), the girlfriends birthday and 2MVa of electricity to find.

Flick those switches, fire your engines, get some passion back into life ! As a great guy I once worked with (Adam Boland) once said, you get to see my ugly face more than you see your kids so enjoy your job while you’re here !


If you fancy a challenge, if you fancy talking to me about the switches you think you’re missing out on, if you just fancy a chat, I don’t charge ! Get in touch.


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